John Keery - A Brief Biography

I've lived in England since my parents moved from Northern Ireland to Culcheth in Lancashire, when I was very young.

I met a Hertfordshire lass, Becky, while we were both students in Yorkshire. We were married in 1981, and lived in a variety of homes in Hertfordshire. In 1997 we settled in Culcheth, which had long since been moved into Cheshire.

Since escaping from the Civil Service in 1992, I worked as a computer software developer, but studied part-time for a science degree with that finest British institution, the Open University. After graduating, I couldn't handle the stress of not having assignments to complete, so I did a couple more courses with the Open University, before studying full-time at Lancaster University for an M.Sc. in Environmental Modelling and Forecasting, which I completed in 2005.

My interest in photography began when I was at school, and I bought a small 35mm camera with my first month's pay, when I worked as a laboratory technician in a factory in Warrington, during my 'gap year'.

Photography is a most rewarding hobby, but can demand a great deal of time. My work in my fledgling career as a research hydrologist doesn't leave me much time to take pictures, although it has taken me to a conference in California, and I did manage to snatch half a day with my camera.

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