Conservation Organizations

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds works for a healthy environment rich in birds and other wildlife. It owns and manages an increasing number of reserves throughout the United Kingdom.

The Hertfordshire & Middlesex Wildlife Trust manages 46 nature reserves for the benefit of wildlife and the enjoyment of people, in Hertfordshire and in the 4 London boroughs of Enfield, Barnet, Harrow and Hillingdon.

The Cheshire Wildlife Trust manages many nature reserves in Cheshire and the Wirral.

Equipment Suppliers

Wildlife Watching Supplies is run by active wildlife photographer Kevin Keatley. He sells a range of useful products, including camouflage material, scrim netting, and the invaluable green velcro.

SkyMap software does as the name suggests. Although primarily used by astronomers, it is very useful for landscape photography, providing accurate positions of the Sun and the Moon as seen from a given place and time.

Kodak supply a range of film and other photographic materials.

ESR Electronic Components supply bits and pieces for making and adapting electronic devices, used in wildlife photography.


British Wildlife provides top quality coverage of all aspects of British Wildlife and nature conservation.

Archaeological Sites

The Megalithic Portal a wealth of information on megalithic and prehistoric sites in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Stone Pages an online guide to European megaliths and other ancient sites.

Photographic Techniques

The Nature Photographers’ Code of Practice Essential guide to acceptable practices for photographers working with natural subjects in the wild.

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