Dun Deardail Vitrified Fort
Dun Deardail
Inverness-shire, Scotland, 2004

The ramparts of Dun Deardail vitrified fort are now almost completely grassed over, but it's easy to see why this location was chosen by the Iron-Age people who built it. The fort is on the top of a small steep hill, 250 metres above Glen Nevis.

This panorama covers 240° with due North at the left edge, and due South slightly to the right of the hill of Sgorr Chalum behind the grassy hollow which is the interior of Dun Deardail fort. The top of the brooding hulk of Ben Nevis is lost in cloud.

The rocks forming the ramparts were subjected to intense heat, partially melting them, but it isn't known if this was done by the people who built the fort, or by an attacking enemy.