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About the Photographs

I have created the ShutterStone Photography website in order to display a selection of my photographs, which would otherwise remain unseen in a cupboard.

Most of my photographs were shot with a variety of 35mm SLR cameras, and many of them were taken over twenty years ago. A recent career change has given me the opportunity to review my collection of colour slides and black & white negatives, and I have started to use digital technology, alongside my film cameras.

Copyright in all the photographs remains with me, but permission will be given to use any of the images as displayed on this web site, without charge, for non-commercial use. If you would like to use my pictures, in a school or college project for example, please credit the picture to me, with the following text:

© John Keery

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My landscape photographs are mostly of scenes in Britain and Ireland, with a few from other countries that I have visited. The Giant's Causeway, the Nevis Range and Dartmoor offer plenty of justification for a British or Irish photographer to stay at home.

Landscapes Thumbnail Images

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Britain and Ireland have a wealth of archaeological remains which enhance the landscape. Many are well known and much visited, such as Newgrange and Callanish. Others, such as Graedal Finn and Dun Bharabhat are less celebrated, but just as deserving of a photographer's attention.

Archaeology Thumbnail Images

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Some of our British and Irish birds are as colourful and rewarding to watch as those from far more exotic locations. Back gardens, whether in Hertfordshire, Cheshire, Co. Antrim or Inverness-shire provide plenty of opportunity for wildlife photography.

Birds Thumbnail Images

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Most wild mammals in Britain and Ireland are rarely seen, although some are quite common. I prefer to concentrate on the species which are often overlooked, like the woodmouse and bank vole.

Mammals Thumbnail Images

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Other Animals

Butterflies, moths and spiders, as well as amphibians, can often be found in British and Irish gardens. My garden in Culcheth is a rich habitat for moths and butterflies.

Other Animals Thumbnail Images

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The rare and highly localised pasque flower is one of the plant treasures in Britain, but our more common plants can be just as rewarding for a photographer.

Plants Thumbnail Images

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Fungi and Lichens

Although many fungi and lichens are drab, others have plenty to interest a photographer.

Fungi & Lichens Thumbnail Images

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Shape and Form

Shapes and patterns from nature which have caught my eye.

Shape & Form Thumbnail Images

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Sun, Moon and Sky

An eclipse of either the Sun or Moon offers an exciting photographic challenge.

Sun, Moon & Sky Thumbnail Images

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Panoramas assembled from several overlapping 35mm photographs.

Panoramas Thumbnail Images

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