About John Keery and the ShutterStone website

Originally from Northern Ireland, I've lived and worked in various parts of England, and now live in Scotland. I've been a keen wildlife and landscape photographer since I bought my first 'proper' camera, a Zenith E SLR in 1977.

I first constructed the ShutterStone website at the beginning of this century, when all of my photographs were on 35mm film, and it could reasonably be assumed that anyone visiting the site would be using a computer with a low resolution screen in landscape orientation. The task of updating the site to keep pace with technological developments has featured on my to-do list for years, but life and work kept getting in the way.

Retirement, together with my very understanding wife and dog, have now allowed me to spend more time with my camera, and to begin the task of displaying my photographs on a site appropriate for the modern web.